Bang Pham To Run 100km Race!

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Do you run for exercise or to blow off steam? Frequently head out for a quick 3-6 miles? How about a 1/2 marathon? At 13.1 miles it can be a daunting task! How about a full marathon? This 26.2-mile pinnacle of running prowess is the ultimate goal for most serious runners. But what about those that want to take it further? What about a super marathon? This girl had never even heard of such a behemoth, but indeed they do exist. At 27 years old our General Manager, Bang Pham, is one of the few elite athletes that has taken on the challenge of a 37-mile Super-Marathon. Having successfully completed this challenge he set his sights on a race even more daunting. This coming weekend Bang will be running a 100km super-marathon! Yes, you read that correctly, 100km which is 62.5 miles!

The Rocky Racoon Race will be held in Huntsville TX. with the course weaving through Huntsville State Park. While you process the sheer magnitude of this, you quickly realize that this feat is over 2 times the length of a regular marathon and will take around 16 hours to complete! Your cell phone, air pods and even your hardy Garman watch will not even have the battery power to endure that many hours. Protein gel packs are downed by the runners as “meals” in addition to water to fuel the body to endure this many hours of cardiovascular exercise.

When asked why he wants to attempt such a feat Bang simply replied that he wants to be remarkable. He wants to do something few others will ever do! Well Bang, I think just attempting this kind of run sets you apart from 99% of us out there! We are not only extremely proud of Bang but confident that he will conquer this epic run!

God Speed Bang Pham!

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